Santa Barbara BCBA


Whitney J. Detar, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Whitney J. Detar, Ph.D., BCBA-D, received her doctoral  training from the University of California, Santa Barbara specializing  in Autism. She has taught at several institutions of higher education at  various levels (UC, CalState, Community College, Online Graduate  Institutions) and through various modalities (on-ground, online, &  blended) in Psychology, Education, Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Early Childhood Education. She was a Supervisor and  Researcher at the renowned UCSB Koegel Autism Center and is currently faculty at California State University, Channel Islands. She is an  approved ACE Provider through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board,  making her trainings eligible for CEUs. Not only a Doctoral level Board  Certified Behavior Analyst, she is an expert in Pivotal Response  Treatment for children with autism, interventions for adolescents and adults on the spectrum (including video modeling and video feedback), treatment of problem behaviors and improvement of social skills in the typically developing population, parent education and more. She  currently teaches undergraduate and graduate students in Education,  Psychology, and other related fields, supervises prospective BCBA's and  consults with working BCBAs, and chairs dissertation committees. She travels around the world giving guest lectures and conducting trainings for professionals in intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders. 


Consultation for BCBAs


Type 2 and 3 CEU-eligible personal consultation for practicing BCBAs remotely and in-person. Get help with tough cases, report writing, and general practice recommendations!

Studying for the BCBA Test? Get personalized tutoring to help you pass the test!

Workshops and Trainings


Schedule a training for your behavioral clinic in the most up-to-date, research-based strategies for working with children with Autism. Training in Applied Behavior Analysis strategies like Pivotal Response Treatment, Natural Environment Teaching, etc. to address language-deficits, social-skills, and behavioral problems. Assistance with supervision and advanced clinical issues.

Dissertation Tutoring


Stuck on your dissertation? Get help with planning your research, writing, and defending your dissertation. As a graduate of a Research 1 Institution and a long-time chair of dissertation committees, get expert help to progress towards your Ph.D. faster!